Financial Resources Management, Inc.,
provides authoritative valuations for all your business appraisal needs including buy/sell, estate planning, litigation, and others as well as economic analysis in commercial litigation.
Business Appraisals and Forensic Economics

Financial Resources Management, Inc. is one of the leading firms providing authoritative business valuations for your estate planning, buy/sell, litigation, and other requirements. Your business appraisal needs are satisfied with our comprehensive reports and outstanding expert testimony in a timely, professional manner. See our discussion of issues of current concern.

Many circumstances require an accurate determination of value. Financial Resources Management, Inc., provides valuations of large and small businesses, public and closely-held companies, professional practices and various types of securities.

Appraisal Purposes

Estate/ Gift Tax Litigation
Antitrust Business Dissolution
Bankruptcy/ Reorganizations Buy/Sell/ Merge

Interests That Need Valuation

Common Stocks Limited Liability Companies
Family Limited Partnerships Goodwill / Intangibles
Specialized Securities General / Limited Partnerships
Debt Instruments Options
Hybrid Securities Sole Proprietorships

Valuation Services

Comprehensive Reports Expert Testimony